Leopard print crook preys on cashier

Leopard print crook preys on cashier

It may be called "funny money", but there's really nothing funny about trying to pass counterfeit bills. We need your help finding a woman who tried to do just that at a valley business.

Our crook entered the CVS Pharmacy on Whitesburg Drive on March 19th. She was about to attempt a "real" crime with some "fake" money. A bogus $100 bill.

The clerk did what he was trained to do, checking the bill to see if it was real or fake. He even called in a co-worker to double check what he found.

The money was as worthless as this piece of paper. Police say it was counterfeit.

As quick as you could say "counterfeit" she was out the door. The two workers continued to examine the bill after she left just to make sure.

A good look at the crook that you can take examine: She's wearing leopard print leggings, a dark shirt and glasses.

Do you recognize her? If you do, we have some "real" cash to give to you. As in, up to $1,000.

To pocket that reward money, just make the anonymous call to 256-53-Crime. Or text or e-mail your anonymous tips. To see how, click here.

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