Possible attempted abduction in Madison neighborhood

Possible attempted abduction in Madison neighborhood

Good Tuesday evening.

We're on top of a frightening story out of Madison. Madison Police are investigating the possible attempted abduction of a possible attempted child abduction. Lauren Bale is following up on Facebook posts that claim a man driving a black truck tried to lure the young girl waiting on her school bus. We'll have the very latest on this investigation.

We're also continuing to dig deeper into Governor Bentley's statement that if his tax increase proposal isn't passed, the state's mental health budget would be among the agencies facing drastic cuts. We'll hear from Florence police officials who fear they'll be left to clean up the mess left behind by mental patients being left without treatment.

And Tiani Jones will also continue her look into charter schools versus public schools. She spoke with a Tennessee mother who has two children in charter schools. Hear what her children and her family have experienced with the experience.

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