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Ditto Landing plan to be unveiled, possibly expanded into Morgan County


WAFF 48 News is getting a sneak peak at Ditto Landing's redevelopment.The city will unveil the master plan on the South Huntsville recreational area on Wednesday. But we're already learning part of that plan could include expanding the park across the river and into Morgan County.

"It's a great area. I've been coming here for a long time," said fisherman Ernie Atwood.

Atwood enjoys all of the recreation in the area and looks forward to what developing it could mean for the community.

"Alabama is beautiful and this is a great place to come fish and relax," said Atwood.

Huntsville's Director of Urban and Long Range planning Dennis Madsen wants more relaxation and recreation there. After months of community input, Madsen is ready to unveil the big plans for Ditto Landing. It starts with stopping the constant flooding.

"It allows you to put some of the really cool pieces on the ground," said Madsen.

According to Madsen, those cool pieces include a zip line course, mountain bike trails, boat rentals, improved campsites, rental cabins, expanded greenways, and a pedestrian bridge across the water.

"We had a lot of folks say what if we did something similar to Chattanooga where that trestle bridge across the water gets saved instead of torn down,” said Madsen. “We've been talking to ALDOT about how we might actually pull that off."

Another option still on the table is expanding Ditto Landing across the river into Morgan County. Madsen said a landowner has offered to donate hundreds of acres.

"There's a fair size lake there that you could use for fishing or for boating or even we had a lot of folks ask for a beach during the Ditto process,” said Madsen. “There wasn't really any place on Ditto you could do that, but you could very much do that on the lake."

So how will all of this be paid for?

Huntsville City Councilwoman Jennie Robinson said a majority of it will be funded through public/private partnerships and revenue will be generated through campground and boat rentals. It's a plan she said has worked for the botanical gardens.

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