See, Click, Fix: Revisiting the speed limit on Explorer Boulevard

See, Click, Fix: Revisiting the speed limit on Explorer Boulevard

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This week, we decided to revisit an issue we first checked out in January. It's the speed limit on Explorer Boulevard in Huntsville.

Someone posted on See, Click, Fix that the speed limit should be raised to 40 miles per hour, just like it is on Jan Davis Road from Old Madison Pike to Explorer. Right now, it's 35 mph.

But that's started a debate on See, Click, Fix. Should the speed limit be raised or left where it is? The majority of the responses lately have been against raising it. One driver said there are too many sharp curves and poor visibility. Another said there are too many people walking and riding bikes on Explorer to allow drivers to pick up the pace.

Still, Huntsville traffic engineers are collecting data on how many cars travel Explorer, how fast they go and how many collisions there have been.

Then, they'll decide if bumping the speed limit from 35 to 40 is warranted.

There's a different problem on Adventist Boulevard. Everywhere you look, it seems, you can find cracks and potholes.

Several of you have posted, emailed or talked with me about how bad the road is there.

For now, there's a partial fix. Huntsville Public Works crews went out and filled 87 potholes a week ago.

Long term? Adventist Boulevard is on the resurfacing schedule for this year. We'll stay on this and let you know when you can expect that project to finish.

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