How Much Do You Know About Charter Schools?

How Much Do You Know About Charter Schools?

My answer to the headline there is "I know some things, but probably not enough." And I think most people would answer it the same way.

That's why this morning we're taking you inside a Nashville, Tennessee charter school to show you how it works and the differences between charter schools and traditional public schools. WAFF 48's Tiani Jones breaks it down, starting at 4:30 a.m. And throughout WAFF 48 News today, we'll explain how one valley district is already preparing.

I just checked Lauren Morrison's stories for 5:00, and there's nothing in the scripts right now. You know what that means? Everything she's going to have this morning will be breaking news. I'll be finding out what those stories are the same time you are. That's pretty exciting.

So is waking up in the cargo hold of a plane 14 minutes into a flight. OK, that's too exciting for me, but that was reality for one worker in Seattle.It's a crazy story. Check it out at 5:12.

And there's nothing crazy about the weather. It's just more of that rain. It was coming down steadily as I drove in to work. Meteorologist David Ernst will show you with Pinpoint Predictor how long you can expect rain in your neighborhood and whether you'll get a break for your morning or evening commutes.

I'm off to the set now to get ready. Follow me on Twitter (@JimA48) for breaking news, traffic and other interesting tidbits throughout the morning. And I'll see you on the news. Have a great day!

-- Jim Abath