Party reps, experts size up early presidential candidates

Party reps, experts size up early presidential candidates

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's only April, and already campaigns are being announced and jabs are being thrown.

Marco Rubio became the newest candidate to throw his hat into the ring Monday. The Florida senator announced in Miami that he will run for president.

His announcement came the day after Hillary Clinton announced in a video that she is also seeking nomination.

Here in the Tennessee Valley, leaders from both parties say they have high hopes for the candidates.

"She's going to be a formidable candidate, and she's going to be an even better president," said Chair of the Madison County Democratic Party, Tom Ryan.

"All in all, I think we definitely have a good quality field that's going to help elevate the discourse and - at the end of the day - allow us to have a good strong nominee to go up against a Democrat," countered David Pinkerton, Chair of the Madison County Young Republicans.

One political scientist said by throwing her hat in early, Hillary Clinton scared off competition and will be the one to beat.

"Like her or dislike her, agree with her or disagree with her, she is probably the front runner for the whole show," said Waymon Burke.

From Benghazi to the email scandal, to even the last name, Republicans say there's a lot not to love about Hillary Clinton.

"With respect to Mrs. Clinton, unfortunately, you see an entitlement mentality, that she is owed the presidency," Pinkleton said.

Of course, Democrats say there's not much to love about the Republican candidates either.

"Who else do you have to choose from?" Ryan asked. "You've got Rand Paul, who can't even seem to finish an interview without either arguing with the interviewer or walking out of the interview and turning off the lights on the questioner. What kind of president is he going to make?"

Burke said one thing's for sure about the upcoming election.

"There are no certainties in American politics, only uncertainties," Burke said.

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