Power restored in south Huntsville following outage

Power restored in south Huntsville following outage

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Power was restored in south Huntsville on Friday afternoon after an outage caused by a TVA equipment failure at the Farley substation.

Huntsville Utilities said TVA lost power service to the two substations, which serve south Huntsville and southeast Madison County. The outage lasted just over an hour.

HU worked with TVA crews to restore service to their customers.

TVA officials say the outage was caused by a failed piece of equipment called a "lightning arrestor" at the Farley substation. That failure caused the Big Cove substation to go down, as well.

Crews routed power around the broken equipment to restore service within an hour of the interruption. The failed equipment will be replaced soon.

Reports of the outage started coming into the WAFF 48 Newsroom around 3:10 p.m. on Friday. This is the third large power outage in Huntsville this week.

"We make sure that we check our infrastructure daily and our crews are standing by to make sure if we have an interruption of power that we get the power up as soon as possible," said Harry Hobbs with Huntsville Utilities.

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