Former Death Row Inmate To Be Freed This Morning

Former Death Row Inmate To Be Freed This Morning

That's Anthony Ray Hinton, and today's a very big day for him. This morning, he's going to walk out of prison a free man after 28 years on death row. A judge dismissed his capital murder charges. We're going to have a crew in Birmingham this morning when he gets out to hear what he has to say. But first, Muriel Bailey will get you caught up on his case. She's live at 5:00 and 6:00 a.m.

The next time you go to Constitution Village in Huntsville, you may see some big changes. We'll show you what and where they're touching things up.

Do you know who the Gold Star Wives are? You will soon. Lauren Morrison has the bittersweet story of military spouses who are getting their due recognition. Look for that at 5:04.

And we're bracing for some potentially strong storms this afternoon and evening. So, make sure you're weather aware. You know, this time of year, there's a chance they could turn severe. Meteorologist David Ernst is tracking that for you. Tune in at any time for Weather On The Tens, and he'll tell you what you need to know.

And it's a Good Friday on top of that. Even the name says it's going to be a fine day. And for those of you celebrating this holy weekend, an early Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

We'll even show you how Pope Francis is marking the big weekend at the Vatican.

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-- Jim Abath