Potential Big Changes Coming To Payday Loans

Potential Big Changes Coming To Payday Loans

Have you ever gotten one of those payday loans or considering getting one? Well, there's a potentially big change coming in Alabama. Lawmakers are talking about ways to lower your fees and how long you can get one of those loans, and that's just the start. I'll explain more at 5:31 on WAFF 48 News Today. And you can read more about the difference between payday and installment loans right here

Decatur's had a rough year with a budget shortfall and the Sweetwater project falling through. But this morning, Mayor Don Kyle will look to the future in his state of the city address. Muriel Bailey has more on what we expect him to discuss.

We're also on top of the investigation into the Alabama A&M grad student's body found in a Meridianville pond yesterday.

And we have an update on the three women shot over spring break.

Add to that a McDonald's pay raise, the newest oldest person and Kentucky arriving at the Final Four, and you can see we have a packed morning.

So, join us and we'll all get caught up on your world. We're on from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. And then, go make it a great day!

-- Jim Abath