See, Click, Fix: Sweeping winter road debris away

See, Click, Fix: Sweeping winter road debris away

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - About a month ago, right after the storms, we heard from some cyclists who were hoping Huntsville road crews could sweep away the gravel put down to counter the ice on Cecil Ashburn Drive.

The next week, we saw a street sweeper whisking it all away.

But another homeowner has now posted the same need on Heatherhill Drive. The fix is on the way. Huntsville Public Works has already issued a work order to clean it up.

We also checked out a plea about a quick cycling traffic light on Governors Drive. We're reported on this almost exactly a year ago. It's the left turn signal when you turn left from Governors onto California Street.

One driver says she counts three seconds from the time it turns green to when it turns red, and she gets stuck all the time.

We didn't find a big problem there before, but it's apparently a different situation at times during rush hour. Huntsville traffic engineers will take another look at it.

And with the weather getting nicer, one Huntsville mother is concerned about drivers speeding down Mountain View Drive. She's even more concerned about more kids playing outside when school lets out in two months.

She would like to see the city put up "children at play" signs to slow down drivers. Huntsville traffic engineers are considering that. We'll follow up and let you know what they decide.

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