Showing Unity For Shooting Victims At Alabama A&M

Unity. That's what Alabama A&M students wanted to show at last night's candlelight vigil for the three students shot while on spring break in Florida. Muriel Bailey will explain what else other students want to convey this morning. And Lauren Morrison is busy, working with stations in Florida to get you more information on that shooting. She's checking out several 911 calls right now.

If you have a child with a disability or know someone who does, it could soon he a lot easier to save for future expenses. Lawmakers are working on a bill that covers that. Muriel will go into detail at 5:30.

It was a little cool heading into work this morning but dry and pretty nice. Hopefully, it will stay that well. Meteorologist David Ernst is updating his forecast right now. Look for his Weather On The Tens.

And besides that? How about a forced theater apology, tougher counterfeit money and Justin Bieber getting roasted? Ah, yes. This should be interesting. So, click on that remote and let's get caught up on the world.

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-- Jim Abath