Crooks go on 2-day shopping spree

Crooks go on 2-day shopping spree

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Try to imagine some credit card crooks getting their hands on your card and using it.

That's bad enough.

But how about if those crooks had even more time to swipe your swiped card?

Surveillance cameras show the "targets" of this week's crime at the Target store on Highway 72 in Madison.

A man and woman are wanted by Madison police for using a stolen credit card, turning plastic into a whole lot of stolen cash.

Normally, the victim and/or the financial institution holding the card will catch this pretty quickly.

But in this case, these crooks were able to use this stolen for two days, totaling more than $1,100 in stolen merchandise.

The shot of the woman leaving the Target is so-so.

But the man could be the key to unlocking this mystery.

We have a really good look at him.

Any ideas who this criminal couple may be?

That's the up to a $1,000 - the amount you could earn in reward money.

You can make the anonymous call to 256-53-CRIME, or submit your tips through text or email.

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