The search resumes for Limestone County man

The search resumes for Limestone County man

Happy Wednesday, It's Margo Gray with your morning headlines.

The guy that gave Limestone County authorities the slip yesterday is still running. The manhunt for Tony Dewayne Glover had to be called off for the night but will resume today. Our Muriel Bailey will have more on the search at 5:00 & 6:00 o'clock this morning. Glover is wanted on several felony warrants and for assaulting a deputy. The search focused on the area of Sweet Springs Road and Brock Road so if you live around there and see anything suspicious, call Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

First it was a questionable audit, not it's a lawsuit against Alabama A&M University. A new lawsuit claims Alabama A&M University stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money that allegedly should have paid employees working to provide textbooks and learning supplies for the less fortunate in Africa. How much? $300,000 that allegedly is unaccounted for. The lawsuit also claims several people and companies involved in the project haven't been paid. We'll break down the lawsuit even more at 5:00 & 6:00.

If you drive down 6th Avenue in Decatur, you can't miss all the title loan shops. There's like 60 of them so folks there have been waiting for this kind of bill, one that calls for major reforms in the payday loan industry. Senate Bill 110 calls for the maximum amount that can be advanced set at 500 dollars. The bill doesn't call for restricting the number of businesses in an area but it does reform how they operate, which is what officials in Decatur believe will help.

By the way, President Obama will be addressing that same issue when he travels to Birmingham Thursday. He'll talk about the importance of emergency credit and controls to help curb debt. We'll have a crew in Birmingham and bring you complete coverage on air and online at

There's also a bill working its way through the legislature that will allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place children with gay couples. We'll keep an eye on that one.

Hey, we get one more one day so enjoy it before the showers roll in. Lauren is joining me on the desk since Jim is on Spring Break so let's get Wednesday started.