Cooler temps on the way; Bill could impact women's health

Cooler temps on the way; Bill could impact women's health

Good Tuesday morning! Have you been enjoying these warmer temperatures? Hopefully! Check out the 7 day forecast at the top of this email. You can see we're looking at another freeze. As for me, I'm hoping it's the last of the season! Meteorologist David Ernst will have a better look at the timeline for cooler temperatures in your Weather on the Tens.

In our newsroom, we've got Muriel Bailey looking into Senate Bill 289. This is a bill that could impact women in Alabama when they go to the doctor for a mammogram or to the hospital to deliver a baby. Muriel spoke with one lawmaker who supports the bill. What he had to say in a live report at 5:02.

And at the top of the hour at 6, what Lawrence County's Superintendent is calling the most critical decision the county has ever faced...and how that decision could impact your property taxes. You can catch that at 6:04.

And while you were sleeping, actress Angelina Jolie making the announcement that she has had her fallopian tubes and ovaries removed after a cancer scare. Jolie published a brief op-ed for the New York Times early this morning, describing why she chose to make the decision.

Jim is having fun on Spring Break this week, so I'm joining Margo on the anchor desk. We're about to hit the air!

-Lauren Morrison