First Leprosy Case reported in Morgan Co.

First Leprosy Case reported in Morgan Co.

(WAFF) - Hey there, Happy Thursday...Margo here with your morning headlines.

Did you hear about this yet? The first known case of Leprosy is confirmed in Morgan County. Wednesday, a patient was diagnosed with the rare but chronic bacterial skin disease. Let me say this, Leprosy is not highly transmissible and is very treatable. Muriel Bailey will break down what we know about the case and what officials in the county are doing to help at 5:00 & 6:00 this morning.

I don't know about you but to me, it seems like this legislative session is on fast forward.

The state is already on the cusp of getting charter schools with the bill on it's way to Governor Bentley's desk. The Republican led House and Senate both approved the bill last night. There is plenty support and opposition on both sides but pending legal review, the Governor is expected to sign the bill.

Another controversial bill is about to be revised. The plan is to expand the Alabama Accountability Act, which helps some families pay for private school. Supposedly, it will more focus the scholarships on children who come from low income families. Republicans say the Act provides more school choice to families who cannot afford it. However, Democrats say the program was sold as helping children in schools that are deemed as failing but many recipients of the money never actually attended a failing school.

Of course, Lauren Morrison will have up-to-the minute breaking news in our Alert Center.

Over in Limestone County, the Mayor of Hartselle plans to appeal his D-U-I charges. Don Hall entered a guilty plea during a -bench trial yesterday. According to court records, he made the plea so he can appeal and get a trial in front of a jury. Hall was arrested in September 2014 after being stopped by state troopers on I-65.

I can't look away from this "run to death case." Closing arguments could come any minute now in the Joyce Garrard trial. The grandmother took the stand yesterday defending her actions the day her 9-year-old granddaughter collapsed and died. She testified that her stepmother told her she lied about eating candy bars and "I was supposed to spank her...I just couldn't." Instead, she felt keeping her active was the best way to keep Savannah focused. "There was no intent to hurt Savannah that day or any other day."