Families turn to Medicaid for dental needs

Families turn to Medicaid for dental needs

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - For many parents, getting their child to the dentist is something they just can't afford.

Shereta Ross, however, is thankful she has Medicaid - not only for her children's medical care, but their dental care as well.

"From when I was growing up, we didn't have Medicaid and it was hard to get," Ross said. "But then, having Medicaid and kids having to get dentist work... it's a great opportunity."

She says having this type of insurance and a dentist's office which specializes in Medicaid patients is a blessing.

"If we didn't have Medicaid, I can just imagine how much the bills would be," she said.

The way Medicaid works for dentists is exactly the same as it works for doctors, as Chelsea Wellman, head of the marketing department for Dental Associates of North Alabama, explained.

"If they are qualified for Medicaid medical services, then they're also qualified for the Medicaid dental services," Wellman said.

There are no sliding fees here. This particular office serves Medicaid clients only.

"Once you qualify for Medicaid, we accept Medicaid patients and we accept that insurance, so when we send out a claim or we file your insurance, they pay us and we accept their fee and you're never charged," said Wellman.

Many communities are starting to see more offices like this one. And it works the same as any other dentist office. For more information, call your local Medicaid office.

Children's Dentistry of Decatur will soon move next door to the expanded Dental Associates of Alabama. Both services will be under one roof, in a newer, updated facility. That move will take place during the summer months.

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