See, Click, Fix: Cecil Ashburn Drive Widening Project

See, Click, Fix: Cecil Ashburn Drive Widening Project

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Traffic doesn't always coast along Cecil Ashburn Drive. Rush hour drive can slow things to a halt, which is why many drivers won't mind an extra lane each way in the future. Apparently, that was the plan all along.

Initially, when this road was constructed, it was designed as a five-lane road," said Huntsville City Engineer Kathy Martin. "Due to the cost, it was constructed as a three-lane road."

But now, Martin and Huntsville city engineers are working on turning it into that five-lane road, and the funding is available.

ALDOT and Huntsville included Cecil Ashburn as one of the seven major road projects in the city's "Restore Our Roads" program.

The Cecil Ashburn project is a $15 million project that will add a lane in each direction from the Bailey Cove intersection in Jones Valley to Sutton Road's intersection with U.S. Highway 431 near Hampton Cove. There will be some sort of separation between the lanes.

"It could be a number of different things," said Martin. "It could be a concrete median, a raised concrete median. It could be a guardrail. It could be a cable rail."

Right now, it's a little hard to tell whether that separation will be for all of Cecil Ashburn or just some of the more dangerous sections. That's why the design phase covers the next two years.

Workers will have to blast into the mountain to make the extra room. Martin says there will be periodic lane closures when that project starts in 2017. It's scheduled to take two years, so look for a completion date in 2019.

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