Strong Reaction To Racial Disparity In Huntsville City Schools

Good Friday Eve!  Margo Gray here...

Revelations out of court involving Huntsville City Schools is still blowing up on facebook with your comments. Our Muriel Bailey will break down the outrage at  5:00 and 6:00 a.m. on WAFF 48 News Today. It comes after the city disclosed statistics that show it hands out more severe punishments to black students compared to white students for the same offenses. The good news, next year there will be at least 12 AP and 8 honors courses at every high school.

Nationally, everyone is still talking about two Ferguson, Missouri police officers shot during a protest last night. We'll have updates for you throughout the morning.

A Decatur women is lucky to be alive this morning after getting stabbed with a kitchen knife. Police say Nicole Evans and Kelandria Almond got into an argument on 8th avenue southwest. Police told us, during the argument, Evans armed herself with a knife and stabbed Almond. Almond went to Decatur Morgan hospital for non- life threatening injuries. Police arrested Evan and charged her with 2nd degree assault.

Don't forget to thank a firefighter today! One of the firefighters injured battling that bowling alley over the weekend is back on the job. A second firefighter hurt in the blaze is still recovering at home. The two suffered second degree burns while at the A-M-F Parkway Lanes early Saturday morning. We're told they were hit by something firemen call a "flashover," which happens when multiple combustible materials catch fire at the same time. Officials believe the fire started in the kitchen, but they say the investigation will take weeks.

....And this is hard to believe. Lawmakers are working to bring back the electric chair for executions. The Alabama House of Representatives voted to keep secret the names of execution drug suppliers, and to resume use the electric chair if the state can't obtain the lethal injection chemicals. Why the big secret? Catch that at 5:30 & 6:30 a.m.