WATCH: 7-week-old baby says 'hello' to mother

WATCH: 7-week-old baby says 'hello' to mother

A mother and father always hope for their baby to speak its first word when it is several months old.

"Mom" or "Dad" are pretty popular first words, but one baby started out with a simple "hello."

The baby in a popular YouTube video, baby Cilian from North Ireland, is only seven-weeks-old when he says what sounds like a clear "hello" to his mother Toni McCann.

Babies usually utter their first word around the time of their first birthday, but this little fellah just couldn't wait.

The proud mother, McCann, posted on Facebook, "Had to share this, my 7 week old baby saying HELLO! Lol."

Many skeptics may argue that babies coo and make sounds that may sound like words, but it's just a part of their development.

WebMD said babies can make vocalizations, usually in response to their mother's words, by 3-months-old, which is about a month older than Cilian.

Babies finally master their real first words when they are around 1-year-old.

So, does Cilian really speak his first "hello" at only 7-weeks-old?

Watch the video here to decide.

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