More Rain Moving Through The Valley This Morning

More Rain Moving Through The Valley This Morning

You're sitting in the driver's seat with me here on the way into work. And yes, it was pouring. Now, I'm not a meteorologist (and I try not to play one on TV), but Storm Tracker Doppler Radar this morning's looking a lot like yesterday morning. Our resident morning meteorologist, David Ernst, is tracking the storms for you. Join me, and we'll find out together how long we're going to see this.

In the news, a shooting overnight injured a man on Holmes Avenue.

Muriel Bailey is gathering all the info on that. She's also updating a Jackson County man's murder case. He's accused of killing his wife 18 years ago. Why is it taking so long to get to trial. Now, prosecutors want more time.

In the Alert Center, Lauren Morrison's on top of a military helicopter crash in Florida. Seven Marines and four soldiers are missing. This is just coming down now. Lauren has your first update on this at 5:04.

And today's a big day for NASA. It's going to fire up its ATK QM-1 for the first time. That's the booster for the new Space Launch System rocket designed to get astronauts to Mars in the future. The test is in Utah this morning. We'll show you some other cool test firings at 6:13 and fill you in on what else you need to know about why today's test is such a big deal.

It's a Wednesday, and we're going to help you get over the hump so you can fly towards the weekend. WAFF 48 News Today is on right now!

-- Jim Abath