Tips for childproofing your home

Tips for childproofing your home

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Little Grace is demonstrating what could be a bad accident with something hot. For parents, some may think it would be nearly impossible for tiny hands to reach out and grab a boiling pot by the handle... but it can - and tragically, has - happened to tots time and time again.

Grace's grandmother, Karen Ivey, is the "Safe Kids Huntsville Coordinator," and a pro when it comes to baby-proofing a home.

"It's a good thing to do actually get on their eye-level," Ivey said. "That way you are 'seeing' their temptations."

Look around for potential hazards. A heavy mirror could spell trouble, according to Ivey. "...and so we need to anchor this to the wall. We've used a strong wire and you can't pull on this and it's very strong and secure."

They took that heavy wire and nailed it into a stud. "It wouldn't take much for a child just to pull this drawer out and try to climb on top," Ivey warned.

There are hundreds of deaths each year from furniture and televisions falling on children. That remote is also a hazard - it could tempt a child not only to climb and turn over a TV, but to also take out the batteries and eat them.

Another very frightening place for toddlers to be is on a staircase. Many children get hurt, even killed falling down stairs every year. But there's a quick and easy fix. And that is as simple as putting up a gate.

In the bathroom, pick up anything a child could ingest or put in their mouth. Make sure to use a slip-free mat and faucet cover.

And Ivey says be careful of wires hanging loose. "This is just way too tempting for a child to be playing with this wire here that comes from the lamp."

Any loose item left on a tabletop could prove dangerous in tiny hands.

Another area of concern: fireplaces.

Ivey says even if there is no fire, keep kids away from fireplaces. That could avoid falls on a raised hearth of burns later.

"Close off the fireplace with safety gates. They make these that all hook together and you can make a nice little enclosure," she advised.

Cover tempting electrical outlets or pick up some new, fancy ones which slide open.

And make sure children don't have access to spigots which could result in scalding or drowning.

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