Icy Roads Still Very Possible This Morning

Icy Roads Still Very Possible This Morning

That's what Governors Drive looked like in the medical district at 3:00 this morning. At the time, I just found a lot of wet spots, nothing icy. But Meteorologist David Ernst still expects that to change in parts of the valley with temperatures dipping below freezing. He'll be up every ten minutes, updating the freezing rain and sleet possibilities for where you live and why this changeover is so tricky.

And the roads? We've brought in extra help to find any problem spots. Marie Waxel is in the Shoals. Muriel Bailey will join us live in Huntsville. We even woke up Meteorologist Lauren Jones so she can update you live from Athens. And Lauren Morrison is scrambling in the Alert Center to show you everywhere else.

Here's a list of the school closings and delays

I haven't seen any new ones coming in this morning but, if they do, we'll mention them as soon as we get new ones on WAFF 48 News Today. Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@waff48 and @JimA48) for real time updates, too.

In other news, we're checking for the latest on the investigation into a deadly shooting in Limestone County

, another person arrested in a bribery scheme involving a former Huntsville police officer and how a charter school bill is moving forward in the state legislature


But back to the weather, we'll be checking in constantly with David and our crews so you won't miss anything.

Please be careful, and I'll see you on the news. We're on 4:30 to 7:00 with updates every half hour during The Today Show!

--   Jim Abath