Crook's camo attempt doesn't faze security camera

Crook's camo attempt doesn't faze security camera

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Hunters aren't the only people who wear camouflage to hide their appearance.

So do crooks.

But technology seems to trump camouflage every time when it comes to crime.

Here's a great example in this week's Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers.

Our camouflaged hunter is first seen at the checkout of the Walmart on Madison Boulevard in Madison December 13th.

He's wearing a camouflage cap.

You can really only see his hands as he "swipes" a credit card.

And according to police, the credit card he's swiping was swiped - from the victim's vehicle.

In the overhead surveillance shot of the man with a cap on, you can't see his face.

But you can see what he's doing.

And when he walks out the door, it doesn't really matter.

You've got the best shot in the world to rack up a reward.

Tough news for him, good news for you.

Surveillance shots just don't get much better than this one.

Do you know this guy? That's a question with a lot of green riding on it - up to $1,000.

Make the anonymous call to 256-53-Crime.

Or you can text or e-mail your anonymous tips. Hit the Crime Stoppers link in our Crime Stoppers page for instructions and more about the organization.

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