Senate committee approves charter school bill

Senate committee approves charter school bill

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - If you're a parent who wants to see charter schools in North Alabama, the state is moving closer to making it happen.

But it's not going to happen without opposition, including that of Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski.

An Alabama Senate committee approved a charter school bill Wednesday, but not before striking language that some feared would allow completely "virtual schools."

The bill by Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh could get a Senate floor vote as soon as next week.

The bill allows up to 10 "startup" charter schools in the state each year and allows school boards to convert existing schools.

Proponents say charter schools will provide innovation and opportunity.

Opponents questioned the accountability of the schools. Wardynski vocalized those doubts during Wednesday's hearing.

While this bill is moving quickly through the legislature, Dr. Wardynski says he'll continue to communicate with local lawmakers.

"I'm going to continue to stay in touch with those folks, stay in touch with the State Superintendent Association, and so I'll continue to provide them with information and share comments as the bill moves through the Senate," Wardynski said.

Two members of the Senate Education Committee made it clear they will not vote for this bill when it goes to the Senate floor.

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