See, Click, Fix: Removing debris from old Holiday Inn site

See, Click, Fix: Removing debris from old Holiday Inn site

The first issue we checked out this week was a complaint about construction debris from the old Holiday Inn in downtown Huntsville.

Someone commented on See, Click, Fix that a lot of the debris and trash has been dumped over the wall into the canal nearby.

The city's public works department is looking into it and will then determine the best way to clear it.

Now, to two issues with roads - one of them is an apparent parking problem.

One driver would like to see no parking anytime signs on Linwood Drive from Fairway past Parklane to the turn toward Brookmanor.

He says, at times, there are cars parked on both sides of the street, which blocks views of the street. Sometimes, cars are even parked on the sidewalk.

Huntsville Police will be sending out patrol cars to write tickets for parking violations.

And there's some confusion at Maysville Road and Randolph Avenue in Huntsville. Traffic turning right on Randolph doesn't have to stop.

But as one person put it on our site, drivers who are on Toll Gate Road, which turns into Randolph, don't know that. So, sometimes, the cars and trucks coming from Toll Gate Road run the stop sign, almost hitting the traffic making that right from Maysville.

Traffic engineers are looking at that right now. We'll let you know if they decide to make any changes.

In the meantime, let us know what you see at that intersection.

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