What Are Your State Lawmakers Discussing As Session Opens?

Those state capitol seats are going to be filled today for the first day of the legislative session. What are they going to be talking about? Plenty. There's Governor Bentley's tax proposals, valley Senator Bill Holtzclaw's billboard, charter schools.

You name it. They're going to talk about it. Our Muriel Bailey is sifting through what's up first.

Governor Bentley will deliver his state of the state address tonight. We'll stream that live for you on

at 6:30.

In Washington, the big talk's about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu's talk in front of Congress. He wants to sway senators and representatives away from the plan President Obama supports. The President doesn't really know what Netanyahu's going to say, and many lawmakers aren't even going to show up. Tracie Potts joins us from Washington with the latest at 5:06.

What ice and snow? You heard that, too? We'll check with Meteorologist David Ernst for the latest forecast for what's supposed to come our way late tomorrow night and into Thursday morning. Every ten minutes, you'll see him breaking it all down for you.

And how cool would this be? A neighborhood luge track. I'm in. We'll show it to you at 5:55.

I'm off to the set. Join Margo, Lauren, Muriel, David and me for WAFF 48 News Today. And follow me on Twitter (@JimA48) for traffic updates and breaking news.

Have a great day!

--   Jim Abath