Winter weather impacts businesses

Winter weather impacts businesses

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Icy conditions can be helpful for some businesses, but many find it does more harm than good.

If you're in the art business, snow is bad news.

During the wintertime, when there's not a lot of outside activities, this is normally a busy time for them.

But when you get snow, it's bad in more ways than one.

Snow and ice has made it hard to get to downtown Guntersville and many businesses have been forced to close in recent days.

People who love art, know about The Impressions in downtown.

They've been here for about thirty years, but running a business in bad weather can be devastating.

Owner Bob Chalmers said except for the tornadoes in 2011, it's probably been the worst event to impact the business.

With the threat of winter weather for nearly a week, business has dropped off tremendously.

Chalmers said his wife is the co-owner.

"And we lost part of Monday," he said. "The rest of the week is gone. We operate on a school schedule because she teaches a lot of art classes and if the schools are closed we are closed so you know they only worked one day this week."

The impact will even be felt Friday night because the art class for senior citizens has been canceled.

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