How Are Those Side Roads Looking This Morning?

How Are Those Side Roads Looking This Morning?

Remember this? That was only about 24 hours ago. My, how the roads have changed in such a short time. Main roads are mostly dry, but you could still find some small patches of black ice this morning. Some secondary roads are still a little iffy, though.

We have Bobby Shuttleworth in Decatur and Muriel Bailey in Madison County reporting live this morning to keep you up to date on any trouble spots.

Huntsville City Schools are starting on time this morning, but there are several districts that are delayed. Here's our latest list

Did you get to play in the snow? I didn't get much time in. It started to melt too fast. But right before weather at 6:40 a.m., you can see how my sons treated me when I got home from two days at work yesterday. I'll give you a hint. They welcomed me with both hands full!

Meteorologist David Ernst says the temperatures are going to keep climbing, and the next weather maker looks like rain. He'll show you in his Weather On The Tens.

There's much more in news, but I'm still digging out from all these weather stories. Check out what we have with me, starting at 5:00. But Margo's on the desk right now, and WAFF 48 News today is on!

Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend!

-- Jim Abath