WAFF 48's Live, Checking Road Conditions For You This Morning

WAFF 48's Live, Checking Road Conditions For You This Morning

How much snow did you get? That's the big question of the morning, and everyone from the Shoals to the Huntsville metro area to Sand Mountain can answer that. Huntsville International got 8.1 inches, and Meteorologist David Ernst says that's a new record for February 25th. He has a whole slew of other cool facts, so check out what he has in Weather On The Tens.

The roads? Only a few are open. Even then, they're still a little slick. I found it slushy on University Drive headed from our hotel to the station, but I still got a little loose at times.

We have you covered this morning, though. We have four reporters out live, gauging the conditions for you (and we may add more as we go). Bobby Shuttleworth is in Decatur. Lauren Morrison is in Madison County. Muriel Bailey is in Huntsville. And Stephen McLamb is in Guntersville. We'll go to them live more times than I count, and I can count pretty high.

Closings? Here's what we have so far for Thursday

And because we know you want to soak up all the information you can get, we're going to take WAFF 48 News Today all the way to 8:00 a.m. this morning. So, wake the neighbors. Turn on WAFF 48. See what we have for you this morning. Then, head back out for more snow fun in your neighborhood, and send more pictures to


I'll see you on TV!

--    Jim Abath

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