Road conditions improve across N. Alabama

Road conditions improve across N. Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The National Weather Service predicted some snowfall records on Wednesday, and road conditions became dangerous as snow fell and accumulated on roadways across the Valley.

There were up to 11 inches reported in some areas of north Alabama.

While most roads were closed throughout Wednesday evening, several roads have begun opening back up as of late Thursday morning. All Huntsville roads opened up. All of I-565 is now open and all portions of Memorial Parkway are open.

The impassable travel advisory for Limestone County roads and bridges has been lifted as well.

There were numerous wrecks reported across the Valley.

According to Director of HEMSI in Huntsville, Don Webster, HEMSI responded to 17 motor vehicle wrecks and six falls since 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue ran 13 calls when the snow started through 6 p.m. Wednesday. Ten were vehicles, two were medical calls, and one was a fire alarm (false alarm).

As road crews attempt to treat dangerous roadways, crews are finding ATV's being operated upon the roadways. Deputies will issue citations to people operating such vehicles on the roadways.

Many roadways across the Valley are still hazardous, and less traveled roads have the most issues. Secondary roads in most areas are considered impassable. If you must travel, use extreme caution.

If you left a vehicle on any road in DeKalb County, EMA officials ask that you let them know your plans for moving it, or it could be towed. Officials cannot open roads while cars block them. If you did abandon a car, call the DeKalb County EMA at 256-845-8569.

East View Drive remains closed with barricades in place. All streets in the city of Albertville are still hazardous and should not be traveled.

Drivers had few problems on heavily traveled roads like University Drive and the non-elevated portions of Memorial Parkway on Friday.

Rural roads were a little messy but were fine by the afternoon after the sunshine melted most of the snow.

ALDOT said they can have crews out on the roads all day and all night long, but obviously the quickest and easiest solution is a few hours of sunshine. Of course, crews still worked all through the night Wednesday night.

Despite their efforts, roads still got pretty bad in the county. One man lost control of his car and crashed into a ditch.

"It was definitely, definitely bad," said Phillip Robinson. "It was worse than it was Friday, at least I thought so. It was harder for me to drive than last Friday night."

The Alabama Department of Transportation crews are working to clear highways across the Valley. ALDOT has established an emergency hotline for road conditions: Call 1-888-588-2848 to find out if it is safe to drive on safe roads.

Numerous flights arriving to or departing from Huntsville International Airport were canceled or delayed. To check flights, visit

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