How Much Snow May Be Headed Our Way Today?

How Much Snow May Be Headed Our Way Today?

That was the projection for the snow last night. Are we still looking at several inches of snow today? That's what Meteorologist David Ernst is buried in this morning. I just saw him run through the newsroom (and I mean, run!) He's breaking out Pinpoint Predictor to show you what the latest models show right now and what you can expect in your neighborhood and when. Look for his Weather On The Tens.

Road crews are prepped to go out and pre-treat and then treat roads. And our crew is out there with them this morning. Lauren Morrison is with Huntsville Public Works. She'll show you how they geared up.

Many schools are out again today. Here's the latest list, as of 4:30 a.m.

I was wondering with all of these delays and cancellations, are school districts planning to cut into spring break to make those days up? Spring break's only a month away, and I have plans for my family. You probably do, too. Muriel Bailey's going to tackle that at 5:00 and 6:00. And at 5:30 and 6:30, she's checking to see how emergency responders deal with wintry weather.

There is other news. The "American Sniper" verdict is in. Wait until you hear what the father of Chris Kyle's friend had to say. That's at 5:17. We also have frozen lobster boats, grounded jets (and not because of the weather) and the Homeland Security showdown.

Oh, and did I mention the possibility of snow? You can stay in bed, under the covers!

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-- Jim Abath

(Twitter: @JimA48)