See Click Fix: Traffic Light Requests In Madison

This week, we're looking at two intersections in Madison where several drivers are requesting traffic lights.

The first is at Balch Road and Gillespie Road. Those drivers' concern is that as the new developments nearby continue to grow, the four-way stop there won't keep up with the added traffic.

 Wall-Triana reopening a few months ago took some of the pressure off that intersection, but there's still some back-up during morning and afternoon rush hour. Madison engineer Gary Chynoweth says the city analyzed the intersection and found that it doesn't warrant a signal right now. He doesn't foresee a traffic light there unless the city can add left turn lanes, and that would cost a lot.

The other intersection's Hughes Road and Hidden Valley Way near the Hogan YMCA. It meets two of the warrant conditions set by the state, which sometimes means it qualifies for a traffic light, but in this case, engineers are not recommending it. Instead, they're suggesting a no u-turn at the median to help remove some of the confusion at the intersection.

Let us know what you see at these intersections. We'll follow up to see how traffic evolves and if there are some changes in the works.