Bondsmen: Tomato farm CEO found peddling pickles in FL

Bondsmen: Tomato farm CEO found peddling pickles in FL

LAKE MARY, FL (WAFF) - First, it was tomatoes. Then came worms.

Now, the latest twist in the story of Cypress Creek Organic Farms CEO James Lawhorne involves cucumbers.

Sources close to the investigation said he was dealing in pickles when they located him in Florida this week, more than a month after he left North Alabama.

More than 3,000 tips led bail bondsmen to a hotel lobby in Lake Mary, Florida.

Video recorded by the bondsmen shows the moment cuffs are placed back on James Lawhorne after being on the run for over a month - even with a $100,000 bond hanging over his head.

Sources close to the investigation tell us that was long enough for Lawhorne to take on a new name, Jaime James, and get into the pickle business, Plantation Farms... with the lure of investors putting up $10,000 to make a fortune of their own, growing organic cucumbers.

Sound familiar? It should. He did the same thing in North Alabama -- with organic tomatoes.

Hundreds of people handed over cash, but when we started asking questions. Lawhorne took off.

He landed in North Carolina. And started an "organic worm" business - again, trying to lure investors willing to put up money and go into business with him.

That business shut down too.

Sources tell us Lawhorne already had 165 prospective investors in Florida ready to hand him the cash.

We are told he didn't get a dime out of anyone before his capture.

Lake Mary Police assisted in the arrest and seized two laptops, two cell phones, and two fake IDs from Lawhorne's hotel room.

All of it will be handed over to the Alabama Securities Commission, who plan to ask for his bond to be revoked. That hearing is set for Feb. 25.

His trial is set for April 8.

Click here for an interactive timeline of the James Lawhorne investigation, leading up to and including his most recent arrest.

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