See, Click, Fix: Sidewalk help needed in Downtown Huntsville

See, Click, Fix: Sidewalk help needed in Downtown Huntsville

The first issue we checked out this week is in downtown Huntsville. It's the pavers that line the walkway near the Huntsville Utilities building.

Someone commented on our See, Click, Fix section that she had trouble with her wheelchair getting over some of the raised pavers. And her daughter had to get someone to help her lift the wheelchair several times.

It turns out, the pavers are part of a construction project at Big Spring Park, and several city departments - Public Works, Engineering and General Services - are now looking into the problem.

The engineers have found that water from the canal is undermining the soil under portions of the sidewalk. They've stopped the water and are now working towards the sidewalk repair. That's supposed to start this week, and engineers say it won't take long to fix.

The other issue's another road that could use repaving. It's Beaty Road in Huntsville. One homeowner says the patches are terrible, and many trees also need to be trimmed back.

Public Works will go back to see if some new patches will help. And the resurfacing division will reevaluate whether Beaty should move up on the repaving priority list.

The trees are up to the individual homeowners. An inspector will look at the tree situation and let homeowners know what they need to do and where.