WATCH: Reporter blown away by snow blizzard

WATCH: Reporter blown away by snow blizzard

While it has been very cold in the south the past few days, we haven't experienced quite as much winter weather as our neighbors up north.

One reporter from WCVB in Boston, Mass. had to hold on for "dear life" while trying to report the weather conditions in her area.

A video posted to YouTube shows her holding on to a car and almost being blown over while standing up during her report.

She is decked out in winter gear with a coat, hat, and even snow goggles.

She seems to be taking the situation well as she is seen laughing while trying to stand her ground against the blistering wind.

So, when that car door is hard to open and you have to use your ice scraper before heading to work, you can at least rest in knowing you aren't having to keep yourself from blowing away in a blizzard.

You can click here to watch the video on your smart phone or tablet.

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