Tune In For Wintry Weather Changes This Morning In The Valley

Tune In For Wintry Weather Changes This Morning In The Valley

Is it a good morning? I'll let you decide that. First off, it doesn't look like we're going to get a lot of snow after some weather changes overnight. (Sorry, kids.)

But we could still end up with some slick roads out there later this morning. There's still a wintry mix possibility. So, check in often with WAFF 48 News Today this morning. Meteorologist David Ernst is tracking when and where the sleet and freezing rain will hit.

We have several delays this morning. Here's a quick look

We have crews driving the roads throughout the valley for you this morning, just in case there are some trouble spots. Look for Meteorologist Lauren Jones, Lauren Morrison and Muriel Bailey live from Fayetteville, Tennessee, Madison County and the Shoals, respectively.

And keep in mind it's very possible conditions will worsen later today and overnight tonight, so driving could be tricky again tomorrow morning.

In other news, the Indian Consul will meet with Madison Police to talk about the use of force case involving a police officer who slammed an Indian man to the ground a week and a half ago.

Also, ISIS has released another video, and this one isn't any better than the other ones. It involves a mass beheading of Egyptian Christians. This morning, Egypt's already retaliated.

And back to driving, we all got distracted from time to time, some of us more than others. In today's WAFF 48 Investigates report, Sarah Navoy's checking out an app that can help us curb those distractions. She joins me for a preview at 5:38 and 6:49.

Now, let's get this Monday going. I'll see you on TV!

-- Jim Abath