Will A Shoals Theme Park Look Like This?

Will A Shoals Theme Park Look Like This?

That's the vision for DreamVison's theme park planned for Fort Worth. What will their planned theme park for the Shoals look like? No one knows yet, but we'll have a much better idea later this morning. They're holding a news conference this morning to reveal many of the details. Muriel Bailey will get you caught up with what we know so far on WAFF 48 News Today.

While we're on the topic of new things, the IcePlex is looking to expand in Huntsville. We have the latest on what they plan to add and what you can expect there soon.

In court, we'll be checking out Brian Lucas' sexual abuse trial. His defense team will present its case. He's accused of sexually abusing teenage girls.

Lauren Morrison's back in the Alert Center. She's scouring the wires for breaking news. All I can tell you is in her first appearance just after 5:00, she'll update us on just how many Americans are now fighting with ISIS. What? That was my initial reaction to that. And we'll have to see what she comes up with for other stories.

And it's chilly again this morning. I shudder to think what Meteorologist David Ernst is going to say. But we'll listen to whatever he has, every ten minutes. That's our Weather On The Tens.

I have to run. Join us for WAFF 48 News Today!

Have a great Wednesday!

-- Margo Gray