First comes love, then comes marriage...

First comes love, then comes marriage...

Madison County has a new district judge. Today, Governor Robert Bentley chose Huntsville attorney Patty Demos to take the bench. Demos has been practicing law for more than two decades and was chosen out of 15 other candidates. Tonight at 10, we caught her with her to see what she hopes to bring to the bench.

Now that same sex marriage is legal in Alabama, we wanted to know - can gay couples adopt a child? Coming up tonight at 10, we investigate the possibility and if the process will be the same as for a heterosexual couple?

A valley man remains in jail tonight accused a shooting another man. And it's all over a beer. What caused the Brew ha ha? Find out tonight at 10.

And get ready for a drastic drop in the temperatures as we approach the weekend. Brad will have all the frigid details.

Join us tonight at 10.

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