What Do You Think About This?

What Do You Think About This?

Should the father of the Discovery Middle school shooter be allowed to leave the U.S. to work overseas? Apparently, he's gotten an offer to work in Dubai. He's served half of his probation so far. Muriel Bailey picks up the story from here.

Look for her live at 5:00 and 6:00 a.m.

The big school debate in the valley is still whether to split Sparkman High to create a new Monrovia High. We heard a lot from parents and teachers at the Madison County Board of Education meeting last night. There were plenty of people on both sides of the issue. We'll lay it out for you. What do you think? Good idea or not?

Black History Month is here, and there's an event tomorrow that really helps kick it into gear. It's the 13th annual Black History Month Festival in Huntsville. And I hear my morning show partner, Margo Gray, is going to be there. She'll help me run down that and other weekend events to check out.

And I don't know what it is about this weather, but it feels really cold to me. The thermometer on my dash said 21 degrees.

That qualifies for cold, right? Good news, though. Meteorologist David Ernst says we should hit highs in the 50s and 60s over the next few days. Woo hoo!

Hey, it's Friday, so let's get going with this day. Carpe diem!

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-- Jim Abath