Father of Discovery School shooter requests to leave country

Father of Discovery School shooter requests to leave country

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The father of the Discovery School shooter is asking the court for permission to leave the country.

Iqbal Memon is on probation for attempted hindering prosecution. Memon and his wife, Safia, tried to get their son, Hammad, out of the country before his murder trial.

Hammad Memon shot and killed Todd Brown at Discovery Middle School on Feb. 5, 2010. It happened during a class change at the Madison School.

Memon pleaded guilty to murder and is serving 30 years in prison.

Initially, Hammad Memon was given bond and allowed to live at home while awaiting trial. In 2012, his bond was revoked after law enforcement captured him and his mother in Dallas.

The mother and son had passports from Pakistan and a large sum of money. Investigators learned of their plan to flee after a mail carrier alerted authorities to a delivery from the Pakistani Embassy.

Iqbal Memon has six months left of supervised probation. He petitioned the court for permission to serve the remainder of his probation unsupervised, or to have his probation terminated.

The motion states Memon's medical practice is failing financially and he has been offered a position at the American Hospital in Dubai. Memon says his wife does not work and he needs to be able to provide for her and three minor children.

Memon also stated his elderly mother is in Pakistan and is declining in health. Unsupervised probation or the termination of his probation would allow him to visit her.

Memon says his probation is not opposed to the request. The prosecutor handling the case says he feels Iqbal Memon should serve the remainder of his probation supervised and in the United States.

The prosecutor added the decision will be up to the judge.

A hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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