UNA player arrested on multiple charges, temporarily expelled

UNA player arrested on multiple charges, temporarily expelled

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - The University of North Alabama temporarily expelled a football player after his arrest.

UNA junior and wide-receiver, Korey M. Jones, 20, was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence, attempted burglary, and other charges.

UNA police arrested Jones early Sunday morning at the university apartments on Circular Drive.

Jones is charged with domestic violence, criminal mischief, public intoxication, attempted burglary, and minor in possession of alcohol.

UNA Police responded to a call about a disorderly person at the university apartments early Sunday morning.

When they arrived, officials said Jones was intoxicated and trying to break into an apartment causing damage to the outside of the building.

After further investigation, police learned he assaulted a female student at another location who lived in the apartment he tried to break in to.

Jones was taken to the Lauderdale County Jail where he's since been released on bond.

Interim UNA Police Chief Mark Parker said students need to exercise responsibility no matter how old you are when it comes to alcohol.

"People have to know their limits, they have to know when they're beyond those limits," said Parker. "Friends and family need to be able to recognize those traits and be able to intercept them to keep them from being in trouble, and of course with any relationship you have got to use very good common sense and not violate the other person's rights and not force yourself upon them."

UNA Athletic Director Mark Linder released a statement on the situation:

"We will allow law enforcement and the campus authorities to conduct a thorough investigation, and we will review the outcome of that investigation and then make decisions that are the best for our department. Korey Jones is suspended from the UNA football team and the University of North Alabama until this is resolved."

Jones is set to go before the University's Conduct Review Board as early as next week.

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