Trial of Decatur capital murder suspect continues

Trial of Decatur capital murder suspect continues

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - A trial in the murders of two Krystal employees in Decatur continued on Tuesday.

Ezekiel Gholston is charged with three counts of capital murder for the deaths of two Krystal employees, Jeff Graff and Jesse Aguilar, during a robbery in 2011.

Most of Tuesday's testimony centered around Jordaan Creque, who was previously convicted of capital murder in this case.

Creque's former girlfriend and the father of his children took the stand.

The jury was shown the video taken while Decatur Police investigators questioned Brittany Orr. She described her day with Creque, leading up to the murders early the next morning.

Orr told police she and Creque went to Tucker's Grocery and Pawn in Priceville and bought a gun that night, and then went to Hartselle to pick up Gholston.

She said she dropped them off near an apartment complex, then did not see Creque again until 5 a.m. the next day, when he told her somebody had shot someone at the Krystal.

He told her to hit him with an empty can, and cut him with a razor. She did, then he cut himself with the razor, to make it appear that he had been assaulted.

Orr said Creque said he wasn't the shooter, but once at the hospital, she testified that he admitted to her that he pulled the trigger. She also said Creque never mentioned that Gholston was involved.

At least two more days of testimony are expected with the prosecution's witnesses.

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