See, Click, Fix: Radar speed check signs On Governors Drive

See, Click, Fix: Radar speed check signs On Governors Drive

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It didn't take long for Huntsville Police to make a move about the speeding issue we mentioned here last week.

Someone posted on See, Click, Fix, concerned about drivers zooming down Monte Sano on Governors Drive.

Well now, police have put up radar speed signs in both directions, just above Covemont Drive, showing you your speed.

We haven't seen any police cruisers so far, and we've driven through there at different times of the day. But it's possible you could start seeing them there soon.

Now, to a new problem or rather, a reoccurring one - Whitesburg Drive near Thornton.

One driver brought up this problem. There's a patch on the road headed south, covering utility work that was done this past year, but it's still rough. It has not been filled in enough.

Huntsville Public Works is now on the case. They have a work order to go back out and fill it in some more.

And here's an update to an issue posted last spring. It's an unnecessary green light to Echols Avenue when the light changes for Adams Street.

At least, that's the way one driver saw it.

Traffic engineers have checked it out again and reported the light is back to normal.

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