AL lawmakers critical of Obama's budget plan

AL lawmakers critical of Obama's budget plan

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - President Obama revealed his record $4 trillion spending plan to Congress on Monday, a budget that is being widely viewed as "dead on arrival."

Several Alabama lawmakers were vocally critical of Obama's budget package, which includes tax increases on wealthier Americans and the elimination of some spending caps to favor domestic and military programs.

Representative Robert Aderholt released a statement Monday, saying in part, "I commend the President for sending Congress his proposed budget during the time-frame required by law. This is the first time in his six years in office he has done so. Unfortunately that's where most of the positives of this proposed budget end."

"What President Obama has proposed is not a budget," said Representative Gary Palmer, a member of the House Budget Committee. "It is a conglomeration of policies and programs that Congress has rejected during his first six years in office."

Senator Jeff Sessions, a senior member of the Senate Budget Committee, said in his statement, "The government is becoming bigger and more powerful, while working families are getting squeezed out. It's time for a budget that puts working Americans - not Washington bureaucrats - first."

Senator Richard Shelby added, "President Obama's budget blueprint is once again full of more taxes, borrowing, and spending at a time when our focus should be on empowering the middle class - not Washington."

The president's proposal calls for nearly $300 billion in tax relief for the middle class, amounting to a $600 average tax cut for 44-million households, according to the White House.

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