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Students turn to 'sugar daddy' site to offset tuition costs

Some students are turning to a 'sugar daddy' website to help pay for college. (Source: WAFF) Some students are turning to a 'sugar daddy' website to help pay for college. (Source: WAFF)

A college education is expensive, and some University of Alabama students are turning to something other than scholarships, loans, or even part-time jobs to help offset costs.

Hundreds are actually going online to find "sugar daddies."

The co-eds are turning to a site called Seeking Arrangement, a dating website that caters to sugar daddies or mommies, and their sugar babies - the students.

Successful older men, or "sugar daddies," want attractive company by their side and don't mind financially supporting a sugar baby, who likes the finer things in life.

They call it "dating on your terms," and want people to treat the encounters more like a business deal than a romantic relationship.

The company touts more than 4-million members worldwide.

One of them is a 20-something sugar baby we interviewed, "Nicole," a senior in the University of Alabama system.

"I'm studying communications and I hope to go into digital media," she said. "Nicole" chose to go by a pseudonym because her parents don't know she's on the site.

She turned to Seeking Arrangement after her scholarship money ran out and thought a chance meeting with a sugar daddy could help ease some stress.

"I've met guys on there that literally just wanted to take me out and spend time with them," she told us.

And of course, spend money as well as time on her. After a couple dates, she's made just over $500.

"This is a great alternative versus taking on a part time job or pursing any loans," said Seeking Arrangement spokesperson Angela Bermudo. "They are able to graduate debt-free and these sugar daddies open up avenues for them - not only in jobs, but with great business opportunities after college."

Membership among students continues to rise.

Seeking Arrangement released its top-20 list of fastest growing sugar baby schools.

The University of Alabama comes in at 8, with 210 new sign-ups, bringing the school's sugar baby total to 430.

The site says the average allowance for a sugar baby is $3,000 per month to spend on things like tuition, rent and books.

But it did take some time for Nicole to find some suitable sugar daddies.

"Some of the guys that I've come in contact with were a little pervy, a little aggressive, but after you sift through those, you realize what you are willing and not willing to put up with," said Nicole.

One of the things some sugar babies say they avoid include staying away from those who are married.

Bermudo admits 30 percent of their sugar daddies are indeed married.

Critics of these arrangements believe it sits in a gray area, towing the line on prostitution or an escort service.

"We eliminate the gray area, we don't allow anyone that is a prostitute or an escort to use our website, it's completely against our user terms to solicit any service in exchange for money," added Bermudo.

Nicole did not deny that sex enters the conversation.

Personally, she shared that she hasn't had sex with any of her daddies, which she thinks is why she isn't pulling in a heftier allowance.

We brought Nicole's experience to Seeking Arrangement's attention and got this response: "If there are any profiles that say they want to exchange money for sex that slip through, we find them and suspend the accounts. All members are encouraged to report anyone who is misusing the website," said Bermudo.

For Nicole, being a sugar baby isn't long term, but says as long as she doesn't have to compromise her terms, a little sugar isn't so bad.

We reached out to the University of Alabama system for comment, but did not hear back.

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