See, Click, Fix: Bike sensors at Huntsville intersections

See, Click, Fix: Bike sensors at Huntsville intersections

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Check out the white bike sign on the road in the photo you see on this story. That's a temporary marking, pointing out where cyclists should stand to trigger the traffic light at an intersection.

Dan Sanders, Huntsville's deputy director of traffic engineering, sent that to me in response to our issue last week. The person commenting on See, Click, Fix requested bike sensors on Explorer Boulevard. He said the lights don't detect bikes in the southbound lanes, and that's a problem for people commuting to Research Park from north of University Drive early in the morning.

Sanders noted that there are at least 50 of these bike markings throughout Huntsville, and traffic engineers pass this information along through the Bicycle Advisory and Safety Committee.

Engineers are also researching the possibility of using microwave sensor technology in the future. They could distinguish between bikes and vehicles. But first, Huntsville's traffic engineers need to verify if that technology is reliable.

Meantime, coming off Monte Sano on Governors Drive, it's the speed of vehicles that has some people concerned. It's easy to get momentum just coasting downhill, but one person commented that it's much more than that.

The issue is now in the hands of the Huntsville Police Department. So, if you drive down Governors Drive heading into Huntsville, expect to see more officers running radar.

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