Don't Look Now, But Rain's On The Way

Don't Look Now, But Rain's On The Way

It looks calm and cool in that picture, doesn't it? And it is this morning. But changes are coming for tomorrow. It looks like we're going to get quite a bit of rain. Meteorologist Lauren Jones is in for David. We'll get right to that in Weather On The Tens.

In the news, the Aspire test results are in, and the scores aren't the best. In fact, they show that many Alabama students are not at the level they should be in math and reading. We'll take a closer look at 5:30.

How's your credit card bill after the holidays? For a lot of people, it's looking a little large. Now's when many people get into trouble. And that's why we're investigating ways to get out from under that heavy burden and start preparing for next season so you're ready. That's the focus of Nick Lough's special report tonight. He'll join me for a preview at 5:09 and 6:09.

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Have a great Thursday!

-- Jim Abath