See, Click, Fix: Patch or Repave Adventist Boulevard?

Uneven pavement stretches for a great distance. (Source: WAFF)
Uneven pavement stretches for a great distance. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This week, we start with another rough road.

It's Adventist Boulevard at Sparkman Drive. One driver posted on See, Click, Fix that when you make that turn, the road almost tears the bottom of your car up with all the potholes and patches.

The uneven pavement goes all the way past the entrance to Oakwood University.

Ideally, that driver would like to see Adventist Boulevard repaved rather than patched.

But according to Huntsville Public Works, Adventist isn't on this year's repaving priority list. So, crews will patch it again, and the resurfacing supervisor will take another look at Adventist.

Meantime, for Explorer Boulevard in Huntsville, at least one person would like to see the speed limit raised to 40 miles an hour, like Jan Davis.

Traffic engineers will now collect data on the number of cars that drive on Explorer and how fast they go to determine whether raising the speed limit is warranted. We'll let you know what they find.

Also on Explorer, some cyclists say they could use some help with sensors. They say right now, sensors at the lights don't detect bikes in the southbound lanes, and that's a problem for people commuting to Research Park from north of University Drive early in the morning.

Traffic engineers are now on that, too.

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