Overnight High Speed Chase Lands Teenager In Jail

Overnight High Speed Chase Lands Teenager In Jail

There are quite a few police cars at that Hampton Inn in Madison this morning. That's the investigation part of a chase that started in Decatur overnight. And now, a teenager is in jail.

We have some video you're only going to see on WAFF 48. I haven't seen it, but we'll all see it at 5:00 a.m. Muriel Bailey will show it live.

Meantime, Lauren Morrison is busy in the Alert Center. ISIS has put out another video. In this one, they say they're holding two Japanese men hostage and are asking for a lot in return.

Lauren's up at 5:07 with more.

Tonight, you can catch the President's State of the Union address on WAFF 48.

Tracie Potts has a preview of what we're expecting. You'll also hear from Representative Mo Brooks and his take on what the President isn't covering.

And all day today, we'll have our eyes on a couple of big court cases. It's sentencing day for Desmonte Leonard, who was convicted of killing two former Auburn football players. And jury selection starts in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings.

And, of course, we have much more than that for the next two hours. Join us for WAFF 48 News Today, and get caught up on your world!

-- Jim Abath