See, Click, Fix: Smoothing alleys in Huntsville

See, Click, Fix: Smoothing alleys in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - There is something my cameraman Todd Wade and I see all the time. There are plenty of alleys that could use a little help in Huntsville. Naturally, after lots of rain, the gravel gives way and potholes start to form.

This picture's from the 1100 block of McKinley Avenue. A homeowner posted this just before Christmas on our See, Click, Fix section. Last week, a Huntsville Public Works crew went out there and regraded the road. We checked it out, and it is much smoother now.

The other issue we checked out this week is one that affects quite a few drivers in the eastern section of Huntsville. Apparently, running the red light is becoming a problem turning from Highway 72 onto Moores Mill Road.

That's what one driver posted. He also said there's an even bigger problem at that intersection. Some people skip the acceleration ramp to westbound Highway 72 and, instead, go up to the light to make a right turn, even though the curb's cut to not allow a right turn there.

He said cars that make the turn like that don't get up to speed. That slows down traffic on Highway 72, especially during rush hour, and then those drivers don't allow the drivers from the acceleration ramp to merge.

So, there are plenty of issues there. Huntsville Police will now be monitoring the intersection. They will have a little extra help.

ALDOT will be putting in a "no right turn" sign in at the traffic light, so officers will now be able to write tickets.

There's a road project scheduled there, so expect some changes. We'll keep you updated. Meantime, let us know what you see there.

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